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In this beginner's guide to time-lapse photography, learn how to create stunning time-lapse sequences, from sunrise to the night sky.

Star trail time lapse photos. Set up your camera in a safe and sturdy place and take pics every couple of minutes. Make a composite in Photoshop of Lightroom and you will have your very own star trails! Hope to take some like this once I have a tripod.

Some fascinating images. Whirl of Stars - Amazing sky images from Australia-based photographer Lincoln Harrison. In Harrison& photos, the rotation of the Earth makes the stars appear as if they& traveling across the sky.

How to do timelapse photography!! I was just talking about this the other day!! I needs to get me a Tripod ASAP!!

Time-lapse Photography: A Complete Introduction to Shooting, Processing and Rendering Timelapse Movies with a DSLR Camera by [Chylinski, Ryan]

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35 Magnificent Time Lapse Photography examples for your inspiration

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Dark side of the moon:A Lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth is trapped between the sun and the moon.the shadow of the Earth blocks the light from the sun, which is then reflected off the moon,.the next lunar eclipse is set for April

A Complete Guide to Time Lapse Photography

How to take a time lapse video or photos on a Nikon camera, as well as great tips for how to combine the photos in a time lapse to create a video.

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Sun Lapse

Seven hours. I wanna do a picture like this! Reminds me of Carla- beautiful nature pics and trips to the beach for the every summer

Fast Photos: 12 Motion-Blur & Time-Lapse Photographers

Motion blur photography is accomplished using slow shutter speeds, panning, or zooming, and can yield very cool results.A cool collection of Motion Blur

The use of slow shutter speed really works. This was one of my initial ideas when given the spots and stripes brief, to capture the shapes in a not so obvious way.

This photo was taken using a slow shutter speed. The photographer has captured the movement of cars on a very busy road quite well using a slow shutter speed/long exposure