Teaching Kati- Personal Timeline! Great for helping kids learn about chronological order and timelines that is relatable!

Timelines Timelines are a great way to organize data. This is a great extension activity after learning about timelines

Ava's timeline garden!  1st grade timeline project!

Personal timeline project to help students learn the concept of a timeline before they make one of historical events. Create a chronological sequence of multiple events.

Help your students understand timelines with this engaging collection of various timeline projects! It's perfect for social studies projects or teaching during reading! $

Timeline Collections

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how to create a timeline for historical events - Google Search

sample blank timeline template Sample Timeline For Kids. Sample Timeline Template For Kids .

My Life Timeline Activity for Kids

My Life: A Creative Timeline Activity for Kids

My Life - A Creative Timeline Activity for Kids Parents, your child may enjoy making a "Life Timeline"!

A School Called Home: The Revolution on Our Wall  I used twine strung between small finishing nails and mini clothes pin to make our timeline.

A School Called Home: The Revolution on Our Wall I'm a little addicted to timelines. I think they help students visual the story of history.

Timeline Project. 2nd grade.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Grade: Historical Thinking and Skills. Time can be shown graphically on calendars and timelines. Literature to be used: "On the Day You Were Born" by Debra Frasier