Seats made from old tires, colorful and they look really easy…

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Seats made from old tires, colorful! Would be a great use of things on hand. I love the tire-wood combo. Really softens the tire look.

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Tire puffs- reuse old tires without having the actual tire showing! Genius when you don't like wasting things but don't like the look of tire stools

Turn old tires into a storage seat! Brilliant!

Store more in these outdoor seats!

Turn Old Tires Into Colorful Outdoors Storage Seats. Double the tires for a higher seat and paint?

Tire To Round Sofa Chair!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Tire to Round Sofa Chair!

You've all seen tires transformed to ottomans, tables and stool. Well have you seen it transformed into a round sofa?

DIY Tire Chair - A Little Craft In Your DayA Little Craft In Your Day

DIY Tire Chair

You're going to love this DIY Tire Chair video tutorial. You're going to love this easy DIY. You're going to love this for your room or dorm decor.

How To Make a Great Chair From Old Tires

When you tires are partly torn out or are not useful for transportation anymore, what do you usually do? Throw them in the junk yard? Leave them in as your landfill? Amazingly, there are lots of DIY tire projects homemade…

The Sassy Crumpet ~ Tire chair!

The Sassy Crumpet: "Hello Heidi, this is A&E's Hoarders calling"

Upcycled Tire Chairs

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