TOM BRADY from the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS-Brady’s 20 playoff wins are the most by a quarterback in league history. His .714 win percentage is the highest of quarterbacks with at least 20 playoff starts. In those games, Brady has passed for a total of 7,017 yards, 49 touchdowns and 24 interceptions.

This is a Picture of Tom Brady Nate's favorite football player. Tom Brady plays the same position at Nate but only on a higher level. Tom Brady is Nate's biggest role model through out the book.

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Dude should be the face of Gain I mean he just symbolizes greatness. (Ya im from Boston so I had to find a way to put the GOAT on my Board!

Tom Brady on Rob Gronkowski: 'Nobody works harder than him'

Tom Brady on Rob Gronkowski: 'Nobody works harder than him'

Tom Brady is running out of targets to throw to as Gronk & Amendola are both ruled out for Sundays game against the Eagles

"Tom Brady-The force is strong in this one! We shall call him THE GOAT!! He will be the greatest QB of all time, without a doubt! & the most GORGEOUS ONE TOO! With THE sexiest WR's/TE's in the NFL, who will learn much from the GOAT about self sacrifice & teamwork! GREATNESS BEGETS MORE GREATNESS. & so it was said. So it has happened!" We are blessed to be alive to witness this miracle! Let's be there when he starts to fill up his 2nd hand with rings! Love my Patriots! Brady, Jules, 'Dola…

The Sports World is the residence for some of the finest looking men. What makes the good looking athletes such a hot commodity? Amazing athletic skills combined with good looks and hot bodies is what makes the girls drool & the guys wish they were them.

tom brady | Tom Brady is the true Lord of the Rings. Hopefully he can capture one ...

New Lord of the Rings Movie COMING SOON – With Tom Brady?

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For a guy that doesn’t talk about his own “legacy” (take notes, LeBron), Tom Brady just cemented his as the greatest of all time, whether he wants to acknowledge it or not.