shiki-k: “Reposting just because its one of my favorite photoshoots. :D ”

shiki-k: “Reposting just because its one of my favorite photoshoots. :D ” Gina: "I think this is Yuzuru Hanyu!

Wonderfull Kimono!!!                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

-Though it was only plain white, the fabric billowed out like a handkerchief, and for half a moment she thought the woman might blow away - beautiful white kimono inspired maxi dress

Icelandic Faldbúningur - actually just worn by a few today on June 17th (Independence Day) Or if you are coming in the 18th century, you'll fit right in!

Icelandic national costume similar to Norwegian & other Scandinavian costumes

Bunad traditional dress of Norway.  (I could see my daughter in something like this. My kids paternal Grandfather is Norwegian.)

This is a Bunad traditional dress of Norway. The head piece is called a skaut, and is worn by married women. Other headpieces are worn by young girls, like beaded caps. Unmarried women wear headband like wraps for their head pieces.

A traditional Transylvanian outfit for Jitar, Goftul and Ivan. Costumes would be based on this, all dressed the same, but with differences. Maybe only one with the coat?

People from Răchițele, Poieni and Negreni, villages in Huedin zone in Vlădeasa Mountains (Roumanie), performing Colinde, winter custom originating in Roman Saturnalia (people going from home to home and singing good wishes to the owners)