Trampoline gym

Much nicer than those big netted things.

This is a great idea saves space and keeps the children happy for hours and the big kids.

Sunken Trampoline with lid

Sunken Trampoline - worth a read before installing, love the grass covering, If I have kids, and trampolines are still popular, love this idea.

A trampoline gym

An Overview of Fitness Trends

10 Workouts So Fun They Don't Feel Like Exercise: Jump into Health: Take a Trip to the Trampoline Gym

Visual perceptual skills like hand eye coordination, visual tracking, and visual scanning with lines and manipulatives

Lots of Lines

FIne Motor Activity: Spirals and other Patterns (free printable; from Stimulating Learning with Rachel)

36" Folding Round Mini Trampoline Gym Rebounder

36" Folding Round Mini Trampoline Gym Rebounder