Your kitchen is literally a gold mine full of natural hair ingredients that work wonders on your transitioning hair. Discover 20 of them and even get a few hair recipes! Pin and read now or pin and read later.

20 Household Ingredients That Work Wonders On Your Transitioning Hair

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Wash Day Routine - Looking for Hair Extensions to refresh your hair look instantly? focus on offering premium quality remy clip in hair.

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A bit of a humorous post, but with a lot of truth behind it! If you have decided to grow out your relaxer (or routinely stretch for long periods of time) these 10 transitioning hair commandments w…

How To Care For Transitioning hair -

How To Care For Transitioning Hair

As transitioners we need to have special care for our hair. Curly hair, because of its characteristics, is more fragile and knowing how to care for

Learn why you should avoid these ingredients (and which to embrace @

Get the ultimate natural hair product ingredients dictionary. This ebook by Curls Understood shows you how to read labels & hair care ingredients to avoid.