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Let’s talk about Small Tattoo Designs With Strong Meaning. Yeah, that’s true – to most people, size does matter because some people are scared of

Put my mothers maiden name on one end and my fathers last name on the other. Where my DNA came from❤️

Tree of Life ~ tattoo idea: blend the ends in the colors of your family line. Scottish and Irish are orange and green. just wondering if anyone else sees a DNA strand/double helix here as well?

Mens Upper Chest Birds Flying Circle Tree Of Life Tattoo

Discover philosophical and religious tradition with the top 100 best tree of life tattoo designs for men. Explore cool ink ideas with roots and branches.

chest tree of life tattoo design - Design of Tattoos

Love the "Tree of Life". This is a cool concept. chest tree of life tattoo design - Design of Tattoos

Tree of Life Tattoo design by Liza Paizis by TattooMagic on Etsy

Stunning Tree of Life Tattoo Design by Liza Paizis the original design available on her Etsy tattoo website here.

My next tatoo below the crease of my left arm. Tree of life. I want a crescent moon instead, to represent the day my daughter was born.

Lavendar Tree of Life Poster