At $30 per haircut, figuring out how to cut layers in my own hair seems like a good idea.  I'm just so scared that it'll turn out badly. . .  I guess I can always get it fixed professionally, if necessary.

How To Cut Layers

I've been cutting layers in my hair like this for years. Didn't know about the short, medium, and long layer positioning though!

All sizes | layering your hair @ home! | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Friend made this diagram how to cut layered hair she cuts her own hair. I really trust my cutting skills to cut my hair

HOW I CUT MY HAIR AT HOME IN LONG LAYERS! │ Long Layered Haircut DIY at Home! │Updated! - YouTube

A hair cutting DIY at home tutorial! I've been cutting my own hair in layers for years and decided to share this quick and easy technique with you as well.

Trim your split ends without getting shorter hair. Definately gonna try this

This is the coolest thing I’ve learned in many moons. It not only saves me money and time by not having to go to the stylist, it also let’s me rid myself of split ends without having to go shorter. ( lord knows I don’t deal well with length-loss) St…

How to cut your own split ends

How To Trim Split Ends Tutorial. This is much better than my method of just searching my hair for individual split ends

I did this to cut layers into my long hair and it worked! I have long layers that would have normally cost me $80!

How to Cut Your Own Hair Using the Ponytail Method

I did this to cut layers into my long hair and it worked! I have long layers that would have normally cost me/corte repicado

Cutieful Christina: How to cut your own hair

Cutieful Christina: How to cut your own hair. Haven't got the guts yet but thinking about doing this :-)

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How to cut your own hair: Lee Stafford tutorial

VIDEO: How to cut your own hair

Press Play  ✂ Before Calling me Crazy, I been cutting my own side bangs since forever ago. I love how they come out just by doing what I am showing here , so I thought I should share with you guys.  ❕ If you have curly hair like myself cut them alittle lower than the actual desire length because keep in mind the hair will shrink.   ♦Eyes: @motivescosmeticsElement Color Box ( use referral code Kamilabravo for  Off ) ♦Lashes: @shophudabeauty in Style Marilyn. I find this style to be the p...

The Internet Is Obsessed With This Video of a Girl Cutting Her Own Hair

The thought of cutting your own hair is equal parts frightening and enticing. How many times have you wanted to be totally badass, rip out a pair of scissors, and just go to town? (Anywhere from two to nineteen.

Trimming your own hair. It's so easy with this DIY instructions by Feye. For straight, U-shape and V-shape hair.

DIY hair trimming instructions by Feye for straight, U-shape and V-shape hair.

How to trim your own hair from the Curly Girl Method

Trim Your Own Split Ends

How to Trim Your Own Split Ends. Not every trim requires a trip to the salon. Taking care of your own split ends can keep your hair looking sharp between visits, and can save you money and hair as well. Obtain a pair of hair shears.

How to cut your own hair tutorial. (I cut my own hair all the time. Never considered doing a tutorial. Although I do like her method of trimming the ends.)

How To Cut Your Own Hair - A Tutorial