If you do not ship Troyler, you do now. Otherwise I will find you and kill you. #troyler <3

Tyler Oakley and Troye Sivan! Does anyone else ship Troyler?>>hell yeah Troyler is life


Guys this is TROYE. The one who Tyler Oakleys mom thinks is too young for Tyler. The one that used to spend his days with his boyfriend Tyler Oakley this is him now. Doesn't that make you sad and miss the old Troye with an E

Ahaha Troye Sivan is awesome

Troye Sivan haha this was hilarious! "some people call it 'stalking'" :)

Troyler! OMG! OTP! Its real! Tyler Oakley

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Okay okay 'The Boyfriend Tag' with Troyler// Tyler Oakley && Troye Sivan ! // Any video they do is hilarious but if I had to choose oneeeee!