Polianthes tuberosa ‘Pearl’, PEARL DOUBLE TUBEROSE, 1870 Just as blissf...

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Old House Gardens-Pearl Double Tuberose Plant in containers as this one likes to take off. The succulent sweet smell is overwhelming.

Tuberose - grow in readiness for photography shoot in relation to block perfume for Taylormay Botanicals.co.uk

Double Tuberose The Pearl

Flower Picture: Tuberose Flower Picture

Flower Picture: Tuberose Flower Picture

Fabulous Tuberose Flowers

The Tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa) is a perennial plant related to the agaves, extracts of which are used as a middle note in perfumery. The tuberose is a night-blooming plant, with fragrant waxy white flowers, and is thought to be native to Mexico.

Afirmación para Hoy: 9 de Mayo

Afirmación para Hoy: 9 de Mayo

Wrongly name orange tuberose on indulgy site. It's actually Ornithogalum dubium, a brilliant orange Star of Bethlehem that grows in South Africa so sadly, not winter hardy for temperate climates.

Of all the flowers, this is my favorite.  Like mother like daughter, it seems.

My Mama has a special place in her heart for trilliums. They bring back her childhood memories.

Tuberose - No note in perfumery is more surprisingly carnal, creamier or contradicting than that of tuberose. The multi-petalled flower is a mix of flower shop freshness and velvety opulence. Which is why it is the perennial polarizing flower note having as many ardent fans as passionate detractors. The Victorians must have been among the latter: they forbade young girls of inhaling the scent of tuberose in the fear they might have a spontaneous orgasm!

Tuberose Tuberose Absolute Uses: Used primarily in perfumery and aromatics.

Pikake Lei's one of the sweetest smells on earth,

Pikake Lei's - one of the sweetest smells on earth, Hawaiian leis- For the honor of the Family, Friends and everyone who came part of the wedding.

Best In Show: Tuberose in Fragrance (2017)

Pearl Tuberose - Candle making fragrance oil, Diffusers, Oil Burners, Aromatherapy

Chinese Double Rose Lotus

The Lovely Lotus

Is there any other aquatic plant as beautiful or graceful as the lovely lotus?