Just in time for my favorite serial & without neglecting my housewifely duty or my husband. Thank You Swanson TV Dinners!

It& Only Fair To Share.Last week my son, who is going to school in Hollywood and living with my Aunt Pam, announced to me that we needed to go to Trader Joe’s to buy healthy frozen meal entrees for him

Tv Dinner Tray Table Sets

What were your favorite TV Dinners growing up? I didn't get many of 'em - mostly just when I had a babysitter and then I picked either fish stix (not in a TV dinner) or sometimes Salisbury steak.

Worst Processed Foods That Are Ruining Our Health

Banquet or Swanson TV dinners~my mom always made these for us when we were kids~And her favorite was this one right here~Fried chicken & mashed potatoes~

Stoneware TV Dinner Trays

100 Years of American Food: 1900 to 1999

''Swanson TV Dinner'' original Vintage Advert: Fried Chicken Dinner One Drumstick or Thigh, Portion of Breast and Wing Mashed Potatoes Mixed Veggies: Peas, Corn and Carrots 1956

Frozen food back in the was an inedible joke perpetrated by the food industry and parents who convinced themselves that it was more modern, and therefore a better way for people to eat.

Banquet TV Dinner - These were all the rave for busy housewives (remember the metal pans?) Cheap Banquet didn't have a dessert!

8 Failed Foods: Products You'll Never Have to Eat Again

Fall is in the air, and I’m craving comfort foods for dinner! I seem to lack the hours and hours needed to prepare fancy dinners for my family. I need dinners that come toge…

Etched Paisley C-Table

Not your grandmother's TV tray. Handcrafted in India, this dazzling C-table features an ornate etched paisley design on gleaming copper-toned iron. Multifunctional as a convenient platform for laptop, TV dinner, drinks and more.

Do you like the convience of tv dinners but don't like the idea of their cost and what all is in them?