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Creating the Cozy Classroom on a Budget

Love the twitter board for exit tickets. Also, # the birds  each student puts their Post-It on their #

Great for Exit Tickets- assign students a number, use post-it, and an instant check of understanding--exit slips are awesome--this one lets you know right away who didn't do one.

Twitter exit cards -- Today's Teaching Tweet. Students put their names in the… #RePin by AT Social Media Marketing - Pinterest Marketing Specialists

Today's Tweet Exit Cards

Students put their names in the form of @ then below that they write what they learned from today's lesson. Lastly, they a "trending topic.

twitter bulletin board history bulletin board secondary education elementary education

Awesome history bulletin board that kids can partake in and connect with. I would make it larger so all students have a figure to work with.

twitter board space... great way to keep p with what is important in my students' lives.... great use of space on the tall cupboards!

Each kid has their OWN speech bubble - laminate and use dry erase for a quick exit slip or have the kids write their slip/response on a sticky note and put it on their speech bubble. Velcro to remove and write and stick.