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The McCall Pack

Teen Wolf: The McCall Wolf Pack and their personal symbols

Love is the drug by Noma Bar

This illustration is called, Love is the drug by Noma Bar. I love the simple ilustration style yet it eludes to a much deeper meaning. It takes two symbols and combines them in an interesting way. This is a good example of an editorial illustration.

Twitter Symbols - oh boy, my tweets will never be the same. Thanks to @kotawcontent :)

Twitter Symbols - oh boy, my tweets will never be the same. Thanks to @kotawcontent :)

Printable: Know your laundry signs - LOVE THIS! Print off and frame for utility room.

Life Hacks on

printable for the laundry room with most common care symbols and their meaning. Place in a frame and hang in the laundry room!

ACOMAF (not over it) (@ThroneofGlassPH) | Twitter

“Presenting the Prythian Court symbols! So many thanks to for her amazing help! What Court do YOU belong in?


Girl, you invented a character made in the movies ~ but not made for you ~ not real ~ doesn't fit ~ fancy lies ~ fooled you ~ it might hurt ~ too big 4 u ~ move on!

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It should say: if one man calls forty women hoes, everyone believes him, but if forty women call one man a rapist, no one believes them.

Stiles's weapon of choice is the bat ... No one can convince me otherwise <3

Through out the show we saw all the characters grow and develop but something's never change like Stiles and his bat.

The Ultimate Guide to #Hashtags For Bloggers And Small Business Owners | Save this resource full of the best hashtags to use for small biz owners and bloggers.

The best hashtags for bloggers + business owners

throw a swinging sixties party #60s #sixties #60sparty

Psychedelic bright colours, peace symbols and fluorescent flower designs are perfect for setting the mood for your memorable sixties party.

Arlington National Cemetery official atheist headstone emblem - Imgur

Arlington National Cemetery official atheist headstone emblem

shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest StumbleUponIn ancient times, tattoos were used to engrave religious symbols. People even used to engrave their name and their lovers’ name. Engraving a tattoo on your body was done by selected persons. But with time, technology, globalization and advanced upcoming generations things are changing very rapidly. Now getting a tattoo...

55 Cute Little Finger Tattoo Ideas to Try This Year

Small and Cute Little Finger Tattoo Ideas are a big trend these days. Tattoo artists say that they get maximum clients for engraving pictures on their