Sortdecai Brush Script by Swistblnk Design Std. on @creativemarket

Sortdecai Brush Script

What I like about this type is that it's based off Helvetica, but it gives a completely new meaning and identity. Helvetica is a very universal typeface that could be used in almost all situations. However, this innovation of Helvetica almost restricts it to be using for a child related item, whether it be a book, logo for a childrens program etc.

Your Daily Design Inspiration #11

Using two contrasting colors, the letters create eye catching optical illusions and seem to pop out in three dimensions.

contemporary calligraphy alphabets by palomino

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Tano Veron, la typographie élevée au rang d’art |

Tano Veron, la typographie élevée au rang d’art

This is a typography style inspired by Piet Mondrian's famous works. It is very interesting because it not only uses the colours in an appropriate style in reference to Mondrian, there is also a three dimensionality aspect added in. This allows for the ty

Handwritten Brush Style Modern Calligraphy Cursive Font ...

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