Chinese Typographys 1 on Typography Served

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36 Days of Type #02 / Rafa Goicoechea - Experiments on Typography Served

My contribution for the second edition of a self-initiated project developed together with Nina Sans, that aims to create a space for creation around typography and its endless graphic possibilities, inviting designers, illustrators and gra…

NSWE on Typography Served

NSWE by teo gagliano, via Behance - Alphabet formed with highly graphical stems and leaves. Would only be used as a graphical element due to readability issues, but oh so beautifula dn innivative!

Moshun - animated font on Typography Served

Moshun Typeface- Calango, aka Jeroen Krielaars is a graphic designer based in Amsterdam who plays with geometry and vivid colors

Elastic Font - A font made of elastic bands. Source: Typography Served. Submitted By: Jenny Kyvik Hutchens

Elastic Font by Jenny Kyvik Hutchens, via Behance -- Alphabet made with rubber bands. Very creative!

with this to create a one image art piece "HOPE" with the H big and in the middle and the OPE more in the bottom right corner in different colors...

Botanical Alphabet by Seth Mach - Good for using as a quilling pattern for the alphabet. good detail idea for a painting with words