Type Worship: Inspirational Typography & Lettering

This takes food lettering to a whole new level. Via: typeverything: A Gusto by Anna Keville Joyce, Panco Sassano & Agustín Nieto.

"The great artist of tomorrow will go underground" http://www.pinterest.com/chengyuanchieh/

‘The great artist of tomorrow will go underground’ – Marcel Duchamp, activities in the exhibition space for young artists. The concept idea presents the standpoint of the ‘underground’ through punk style. by Manita Songserm

Poster: Graphic Dialogue - Chloe Morris Design

25 Ways To Design an Awesome Poster and Create a Buzz For Your Next Event

Times Roman. This is an excellent typographic layout. The display type is set integrated into the columns of body copy. Because the most recognizable part of the letters is the top, the portions of the display letters used are highly recognizable, leaving little doubt about what this says. Hierarchy is evident in this compostion. The concept here is type as image and it is extremely successful, adding a dynamic twist to what could otherwise be rather boring, through the use of typography.

Times New Roman by Pedro Javier Arbelaez. This poster in particular is a favorite of mine. I assume this poster goes through the history of Times New Roman. What's great is that Times New Roman is the only typeface used here.