Shells are Swell - Beautiful Examples of Seashell Photography

A slice through a Nautilus shell reveals golden spiral construction principle in this beautiful underwater life iridescent curling seashell.

Egypt, Red Sea. One of my fave holiday destinations, absolutely beautiful sights to see when snorkeling. #egypt

Yoga Retreat Egypt

[Reef Life in the Red Sea in Egypt.] > Coral reefs represent some of the most spectacular beauty spots, but they are also the foundation for marine life: without them many of the sea's most exquiste species will not survive.

So beautiful, you can't equal the beauty of Mother Nature, much less beat it


Underwater Photograph - Underwater Fine Art Print blue and purple and greens coral bed

Underwater Photographer Stan Bysshe's Gallery: Contest: Lettuce Sea Slug -

Lettuce Sea Slug from Underwater Photographer Stan Bysshe. Wouldn't this make a fabulous ruffled knit or crochet scarf?

Coral zoanthids – Photosynthetic Gorgs. They grow quite fast. Started from about 2" frags and now they are 6-7" with multiple branches

Look at these beautiful coral zoanthids! They easily propagate and are very durable in many water conditions.