(Brilliant fun for a dino-mad child, this unique lamp is made from polypropylene and acts as a low nightlight. (little home at John Lewis Dino Was Here Table Lamp)

little home at John Lewis Dino Was Here Children's Table Lamp

Be creative with themed lamp shades like this dinosaur light from John Lewis

Unique lamp with a large clear glass base that can be used as a terrarium or display case for various odds and ends and topped with a handmade kozo paper lampshade.

Terrarium / Display Table Lamp

STUDIO SALE // Large Round Terrarium/Display Table Lamp, with Handmade Paper Lampshade

Unique lamps and Creative lighting See more at: https://www.lightingstores.eu/

Darni / Ulla Darni - Original Lamp This lovely artist lives 20 minutes from my home and her work is simply breathtaking.

product image for Moon Light

Moon Light

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Vintage 1950s PLANT STAND Mid Century Danish Modern Eames Stilnovo Italy 60s Era vintage unique lamp stilnovo

PLANT STAND Eames Stilnovo Italy Era [I do like the formica, and the elegant placement of tiers. Nicely weighted at the base.

Check out this cool polyhedron lamp @istandarddesign

27 Unique Lamp Designs That Are Probably Made with Magic

#TheJewelleryEditorLoves hanging iridescent light fixtures of architectural proportions. #design

Light fixtures like agate slices or iridescent glass, shaped like crystal formations! We have the stained glass to do this!

Nautical Brass Patina Tentacle Porthole Lamp

Nautical Brass Patina Tentacle Porthole Lamp

This unique nautical wall lamp is handmade and painted to order. The antiqued finish will light up your room as well as spark a conversation.

Petals Wall Lamp - doubles as a unique piece of wall art too!

Metal Floral Petals Wall Lamp

Lamps from bike parts. Gloucestershire Resource Centre http://www.grcltd.org/home-resource-centre/

I am a London-born artist and designer based in Berlin, where I was inspired to build a series of upcycled lamps made of old dejected bicycles parts.

The designers behind Taiwan-based Acorn Studio created 'Luna', a unique lamp that looks like a full moon.

A Lamp That Looks Like A Full Moon By Acorn Studio

You can now have your own moon in your home, with the 'Luna lamp' by ACORN Studio. The Luna lamp is inspired by the moon, and is.

Check out this cool tree table lamp design @istandarddesign

27 Unique Lamp Designs That Are Probably Made with Magic