Whether your once new and celebrated furniture inevitably fades, or you're just looking to add some flair to your decor, upholstery is the perfect way to customize. But, it can be seriously tricky to know how much fabric you need. Luckily, our trusty guide will ensure you buy the correct yardage for any type of furniture.

The Ultimate Guide to Customizing Your Furniture With Upholstery

Specialist Upholstery | Aiveen Daly. #velvetfabric #upholsteryinspiration, #chairideas bar stool, sofa, dining chair. See more at http://www.brabbu.com/en/inspiration-and-ideas/category/products

AIVEEN DALY A specialist in upholstery, this Irish brand plays with fabric with an incredible mastery and attention for detail. Subtle creations and refined pieces to discover!

Choosing the right fabric is not as easy as it may seem. In fact, there are a lot of different types to choose from.

Infographic: Picking Fabric For Upholstery And The Like

This chair has SOLD but if you would like to customize your own we would love to work with you. This chair has a beautiful shade of baby blue velvet on

SOLD-Baby Blue Peacock Vintage Wing Back Chair with Baby Blue Velvet and Linen Floral Peacocks on Back Silver Nailhead Trim

Tips & tricks for piping perfectionists – StraightGrain

Piping: clip corner for a cleaner turn (here in the picture is the original Pfaff or Janome invisible zipper foot).

Timorous Beasties Birdbranch Stripe Velvet Chair available at walnut wallpaper #wallpaper #upholstery

Timorous Beasties Fabric - Birdbranch Stripe Velvet Cam - don't know why, but this chair makes me think of you, perhaps because of your yellow chair

beautiful masterful tufted upholstery design from gretchen everett

Trim or ribbon added behind fabric buttons to create a floral look on a tufted headboard or chair [beautiful masterful tufted upholstery design from Gretchen Everett]

How to apply decorative upholstery tacks perfectly straight and even - just use an old piece of cardboard, a utility knife and a ruler. Brilliant!

Tutorial: How to Apply Decorative Upholstery Tacks (Straight