Ciara Septum Piercing Stretched Ears V Bangs Chimera widows peak bangs- Lovely! I miss having V bangs...

The V-Bang is a quintessential Goth style haircut. Below is a tutorial and some photo examples of V-Cut bangs.

V bangs

I love this bang shape. also Everything: hair cut, hair color, makeup, clothes.

Instagram media by lady_6six6 - Fuck me gently with a chainsaw (let's see if anyone knows where's that from)

Here are different ideas for purple eyeshadow, lipstick, eyeliner, nails and so much more.

Bang Hairstyles: How the Coolest Girls Wear Bangs - V Bangs, consider them Betty Page meets Maleficent.

Bang Gangs: How the Coolest Girls Wear Bangs

An original illustrated guide to the coolest bangs styles out there.

Edgy long black hair Visit:

How to hide purtruding items from your wall

Seeing this hair makes me want to dye mines black again and get short bangs / fringe x