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Sid - Jester, inspiration for mask, maybe instead of full mask half with tassles coming off top, dark colours, elastic strap at back for convenience quick change

#Infographic: A Guide to Venetian Masks #mardigras                              …

Infographic: A Guide to Venetian Masks

Each design represents different characters. For instance, the long nose mask represents plague doctor who treated victims of the plague as the Black Death of Europe in the century. I found it interesting because the mask not only

Venetian Mask The SECRET Health Benefits of Copper

Venetian Mask: It is a type of masks that is used for lots of purposes such as some people use it to hide their identity. But it is mostly famous for the “Carnival of Venice”. Carnival is basicall…

I love the shape and form in this mask- and the fact that it doesn't have too many intricate details but still is elegant

Venetian Mask - Possible cut out a plastic mask, glue on lace and paint it gold - Hmmmm.

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