Assertive Communication Illustrates the difference between passive, assertive and aggressive communication.

Assertive speakers takes into consideration both parties value systems. Aggressive communication involves bold and dominant verbal and nonverbal behavior. No assertive communication is when the speaker devalue themselves.


33 Little Ways to Improve Your Nonverbal Communication Skills [Infographic]

What Does Your Body Language Say About You?

Not just for adults- or just for children- we need to recognize the importance of nonverbal communication as well. Those with oral apraxia have trouble making facial expressions for example Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

A gesture is the use of our body to express meaning or an idea by hand, arm, head and eye movements. Gestures have different meanings and can influence the message. Be mindful as a sender and receiver of this type of non-verbal communication.

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How To Communicate Like A Business Professional

Conflict Resolution Strategies for the Workplace and other relationships. Which one are you?

Conflict Resolution Strategies for the Workplace

The various Conflict types in the workplace and how to use them. Negotiation Infographic - Tackle Conflict in Any Setting - Creighton University

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Nonverbal Communication

Non-Verbal Communication/Body Language. Things to remember to teach for Social Skills

How To Learn Any Language In Record Time Infographic

The How To Learn Any Language In Record Time Infographic breaks down the learning process into simple tasks so you can develop any language skills.

All About Me Snack Activity - Pre-K Pages

All About Me Snack Activity

An easy snack that is a great accompaniment to an All About Me Unit! Let the kids make their own mini personalized pizza and decorate them to look just like themselves or their classmates!

Autism Spectrum Disorder | Definition of Autism Spectrum Disorders screenshot

Autism spectrum disorders are life-long neurodevelopmental disabilities with onset before 36 months and characterised by:

Interpersonal Skills

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