Victorian Corset, 1890. This is an example of a historical corset. This corset is very detailed but it could be worn underneath or on top of clothing. It would most likely be worn with a dress in the victorian era. It is similar that it had design detail added such as the embroidery and trim on top. They are a different shape than the modern corset we saw. Cassidy Brewer 4/10/16

Philadelphia Museum of Art - Collections Object : Woman's Corset American c. Ivory silk satin embroidered with silk, baleen (whalebone), metal busk. See the leaf shaped flossing!

Corsets offered in the B. Altman & Co. catalog, Winter 1886-87

"Corsets offered in the B. Altman & Co. catalog, Winter - haha ridiculous how did the ladies breathe back then

Corset of silk and metal by Maison Leoty, circa 1891. Metropolitan Museum of Art

Victorian Corsets

Corset 1887 - bet their boobs didn't ever sag if they wore one of these babies all their lives ;

Blue silk satin corset, c. 1880s (waist: 49 cm, 19.3 inches) via the Kyoto Costume Institute #corsets #fashion_history #underpinnings

Blue silk satin corset, c. (waist: 49 cm, inches) via the Kyoto Costume Institute. Pale blues (powder, duck-egg, sky) are just divine. and a must if you have blue or green eyes.

Victorian Undergarments | The Dusty Victorian: Victorian Underwear in my Laundry Room - Part I

Edwardian S-shaped corset – inspiration

Fashioning Nostalgia: Victorian/Edwardian Combination Chemise & Drawers: How to turn an op-shop find into historical underwear

Before the Automobile: 1880s corset and a chemise with ball gown neckline

Before the Automobile: corset and a chemise with ball gown neckline -- gorgeous reproduction work

Gorgeous corset.

The corset was an essential undergarment for Victorian women. The corset developed from century stays, a foundation garment that gave w.

Corsets and Bustles from 1880-90 - the Move from Over-Structured Opulence to the 'Healthy Corset' - Victoria and Albert Museum

1883 Corset England, Britain Materials and Techniques: Red sateen, beige leather and whalebone, with a steel spoon-shaped busk Victoria and Albert Museum Collection