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Victorian Men's Vests and Waistcoats

Sweeney Todd's vest style, middle vest second row from bottom, collar style and double-breast places the costume in the

Haslemere Wardrobe - Costume Hire Victorian Costume

Men's coat, waistcoat, shirt, and evening cravat- this looks to me like something The Doctor would wear.

Frock Coat

cimetiere-chanson: 1830s

Malet's 'new' frock coat (see scene with tailor). There are no pleats or gathers. The cut would tend to highlight an athletic walk. Judge Thatcher - but with a gray coat.

Dashing Victorian gentleman

Maurice Barrymore, 1849 - British born stage actor the father of John, Lionel and Ethel Barrymore. The Odyssey of Maurice Barrymore by James Kotsilibas-Davis

1880 Men's Clothing  Styles of late Victorian overcoats are featured in this plate from 1882.  The styles represented are known by different names, such as the Albert, Coaching, and Newmarket and were popular for many years, the principal changes in their shapes being in the length of waist.

Well-dressed gentlemen wore dark clothing cut and made to measure. Watch-chain, one ring, shirt-stud and sleeve-buttons were all the jewelry allowable

A Era Vitoriana   Especial com a história, ilustraçoes, roupas e acessórios originais da epoca (1837 até 1901)

A Era Vitoriana - Especial com a história, ilustrações, roupas e acessórios originais da época (1837 até 1901

1870 - het silhouette word rechter, geen taille of heup meer

Suits change for a rich man- while not as elaborate as ornate as the female counter parts men at Rochester's party certainly would have brought a sizable trunk of clothes.

According to “The Gentlemen's Book of Etiquette,” the first rule of guidance for the 1860s Victorian gentleman in matters of clothing is, "Let the dress suit the occasion." It is advised that it is just as absurd for a man to go into the street in the morning with his dress coat, white kid gloves, and dancing boots, as it is for a lady to promenade the fashionable streets in full evening dress.

This is a prime example of a mans suit of the before the morning suit came on to the seen.

Wild west Victorian coat

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