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Lin, Maya - young architecture student designed the Vietnam Memorial to look like a gaping wound cut into the landscape

Vietnam War Memorial. This a beautiful depiction. When the wall traveled to our area we visited it with my step-Dad. Veterans have such a heavy survivor's guilt, I have never seen him so upset.


The Vietnam Memorial for those fallen soldiers . The Vietnam Memorial for those fallen soldiers . The Vietnam Memorial for those fallen soldiers .

Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC from

Why america lost the vietnam war essay Why did America lose the Vietnam War - Assignment Example On In Assignment Sample, Assignment Template In April 1975 Saigon, the capital of South Vietnam, fell to the Communists, ending 30 years of conflict.

So very true and oh so touching.

The worst thing this country has ever done to those who preserve our way of life and defend everything that we have. I’m sorry, Vietnam Veterans. I wasn’t born yet, but I’ve got your back now.

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Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall ... Washington, DC, USA.  The Vietnam experience influence our entire generation.

Vetnam Vets memorial

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Every year on Veterans Day, Americans pay tribute to those brave men and women who have served our are currently serving in our armed forces. Get the facts behind the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.