via Designlove fest, here's a beautiful lookbook from Ruche

I love how in colour and in black and white the photograph still portrays a gentle spring theme. The model is feminine which is consistent with the theme and scenery of this photograph.

flowy blouse with a bright green belted skirt. via style me pretty.

Ruche Photo Shoot by Elizabeth Messina + A Giveaway

Anthropologie :)

Latest 'Anthropologie' Catalog Arrives; Thank God It's Payday!

fancy farmgirl and vintage aqua truck. Love her rolled hair. I want this truck

her last days she spends on this chair. away from people. away from fighting, war, hate. in here own little world, the only ound the bees flitting from flower to flower. the grass rustles in the wind. our fate is sealed as soon as we choose it. her mind jumps around. the time is counting down as the smoke rises.

What's Your Style?

Field and Chair (I've seen this pic in my head for quite some time now! I even have the field picked out. Just need to find the perfect chair!