Vintage Space Poster Astronaut by artsyGalleree on Etsy, $27.00

vintage retro kitsch nasa astronaut cartoon poster illustration art print to celebrate the solar eclipse great stuff for kitsch retro loving space and science geeks like me

Pinups for pitbulls, Inc.

These Pretty Ladies Would Like To Talk To You About Pit Bulls

Vintage Futuristic Ray Guns - toys from Buck Rogers, and others during the 30s and 40s

Atomic Design – Luna’s 50’s Inspired Ukes

Vintage Futuristic Ray Guns - toys from Buck Rogers, and others during the and

Простейший Спутник-1 (Satellite-1 primaire) ou Spoutnik-1 était la sphère argent poli taille de basket-ball qui a été le premier satellite

Cold War paranoia and a huge technological leap. This poster is meant to look like a vintage poster for the Soviet Union's Sputnik space satellite. Poor Sputnik was "accidentally" blown up by America.

Classic streamlined rocket toy - Dark Roasted Blend: Glorious Retrofuture from Japan, Part Two

You guys know this is the Planet Express ship from Futurama, right? Described as: Glorious retrofuture - classic streamlined rocket sip - (from Japan) - space age, atomic era, mid century modern, toy

On November 3, 1957, a dog named Laika was launched into space on the Sputnik 2, as part of the Soviet space program. She had not always been known as Laika; the scientists that found her on the street had given her the name.

Vintage Images of Canine Cosmonauts from the USSR

Bitches in Space: Remembering Soviet Russia's Fleet of Female Dog Cosmonauts