Finger Strengthening Exercises for First Piano Lessons for Kids

First Piano Lessons: Finger Strengthening Exercises

Vocal damage can destroy a singing career. Luckily, these simple tips and techniques ensure you can avoid common vocal issues. Pay special attention to...

Vocal Health For Singers: How To Prevent Damage To Your Vocal Cords

Educational infographic & Data Check out the infographic for better vocal health. Includes links to vocals warm. Image Description Check out the infograp

Are you a singer? Or perhaps a performing…

How to train your voice. In college I got A's in both piano, guitar, music jazz history, and history of rock and roll. Soon ear training and voice will be in my future. "Miss Tress" LOL!

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Pop Vocal Exercises: Voice Warm-Up 1 >>> Lip trills. Have kids place one finger on each side of the mouth if they are having difficulties.

I've been learning Indian Classical for 8 years now, and still continue to learn immensely every day.

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Discover your unique singing voice. Watch video lessons from pro vocal coaches hear your voice improve within minutes. Read singing tips and vocal lessons that will bring your true voice out.

Want to learn to sing harmony? I’d like to share with you one of my favorite exercises that will teach you to really master singing in perfect harmony.

Bruno Mars - Riffs and Runs (Hard) - Finesse

Bruno Mars - Riffs and Runs (Hard) - Finesse