Voodoo Priestess Costumes - Ready-made and DIY costume options and makeup tutorials.

Voodoo priestess costumes are thrilling and exciting for Halloween. You can buy one of the exotic ready-made costumes available or make your own.

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Voodoo priestess Halloween make up - This is cool if you like pretty Halloween make up/ need a last minute costume, but DON'T wanna go for sugar skull :D!

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Ceremonial outfit when there is no chance of a fight breaking out(WC horns instead of ram horns)

Voodoo Priestess Costume Ideas

Kimaris is the sixty-sixth Succubus of the Goetia, whose name is a composite of Ki, as in ‘Kia,’ and Maris. The word, Kia is derived from the language of the Kalahari Bushmen of South A…

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Sugar skull - Skull inspiration - black and white skull make-up with platinum blonde hair - rock star gothic style

Voodoo-Priesterin Schädel und Feder Kopfschmuck von lotuscircle

This Voodoo Priestess Headdress is crowned with a spooky skull nestled in a bed of reddish brown rooster feathers. Many hanging white, brown, and