Veja uma seleção de 34 cortes de cabelos de adultos e crianças diferentes e um tanto questionável.

34 cortes de cabelo diferentes e um tanto questionáveis

This girl went to school on crazy hair day with this insane updo: Her hair looks like root beer being poured into a cup! My school doesn't have a crazy hair day.

Typical 1980s bathroom. Will avocado suites ever make a comeback?

Bathroom design that was acceptable in the 80s

ART SKOOL DAMAGE : Christian Montone: 1974 Wacky Packages Stickers (6th Series)

The sixth series of Topps Wacky Packages stickers.

Vintage Wacky Packs series 3

The third series of the 1973 edition of Topps Wacky Packages stickers.

wacky packages - Bing Images

STD OIL: Stop Traffic Dead. (You'll be sick of driving).

1970s bathroom

did grandma crochet the bathroom? It does look 'cozy'.

Crazy Hair Day Ideas | POPSUGAR Moms

You've Never Seen Wacky Hair Day Ideas as Crazy as These