Turn ordinary cardboard tubes into a colorful family of ghoulish monsters! Fun anytime, but great for Halloween!

Cardboard Tube Crafts for Kids - Crafts by Amanda Cardboard Tube Craft: Make a Colorful Ghoul Family! These are ADORABLE and perfect for Halloween! But monsters are great any time of year, s. Want great hints about arts and crafts?

activities for the Dr. Seuss book Wacky Wednesday

Wacky Wednesday Activities

Reading Dr. Seuss: Wacky Wednesday. Love this post by @Deborah @ Teach Preschool

Reading Dr. Seuss: Wacky Wednesday

Wacky Wednesday by Teach Preschool -- lots of ideas to remember . including 20 post it notes!

Wacky Wednesday inspired coloring sheet

I think tomorrow is going to be a Wacky Wednesday. Dr Seuss' Wacky Wednesday, is one of my fav.

Wacky Wednesday ideas

Shope's Class: Wacky Wednesday, change our names to be wacky.all start with a W

momgineer: Wordless Wednesday: Wacky Zoo

Wacky Zoo - Reuse Old Magazine to Create Fun New Animals

This is a fun animal art project for kids. Use magazine cutouts of partial animals and finish drawing the animal your own way! You can create a wacky zoo!

Reading Dr. Seuss' Wacky Wednesday by Teach Preschool

Reading Dr. Seuss: Wacky Wednesday

Read Wacky Wednesday, set up 20 wacky things around your classroom before hand, give children each a posted note and let them explore the room to find wacky things and place their posted note on the wacky thing