Horsing Around At Home: Fun party foods for our Walking Dead Party............

This is an original idea. We have scoured the internet looking for fun zombie food ideas and actually came up with one of our own.

If you've read my recent post The Guilty Pleasure of Making Gruesome Foods, then you won't be surprised that I am in awe of Kim Atkinson Fiorini's food serving idea. I believe she made it for a Wal...

A New Inspiration in Gruesome Food

Halloween Serving Table - The woman who did this said it was actually for a Walking Dead season premiere party. but awesome idea for Halloween!

AMC The Walking Dead, Zombie Apocalypse Birthday Party Ideas | Photo 1 of 30 | Catch My Party

AMC The Walking Dead, Zombie Apocalypse Birthday Party Ideas

Zombie Outbreak Tape!   Want!

Zombie Outbreak Barricade Tape Are you ready for World War Z! Get you Zombie survival plans in place today. You will need a chainsaw, a shotgun, some running shoes and a friend that is slower than you are. (in case things go wrong you may need a decoy)

Throw an unforgettable viewing party for The Walking Dead at home with these 25 recipes and crafts perfect for a zombie approved Walking Dead party.

The Walking Dead: 25 Recipes and Crafts for a Zombie Approved Party