Wallis Simpson dressed in Mainbocher for Her Marriage to Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor, June 3, 1937

10 Influential Fashion Designers You've Probably Never Heard Of

Wallis Simpson and the Duke of Windsor - June Designed by Mainbocher, the dress was in a color called, Wallis Blue.

Wallis Simpson in Schiparelli Lobster dress

Above: Pictures by Cecil Beaton from an 8 page spread in Vogue featuring Wallis Simpson wearing the Lobster Dress (below) Jenny Palmer x Sparkle Style: Schiaparelli and Prada: 'Impossible Conversations' The Costume Institute Exhibition at the MOMA NYC!

I dislike this wh..re but, nevertheless, she's got a space here: Wallace Simpson. A king abdicated his throne for her. (King Edward VIII, uncle of Elizabeth II.) She and Edward who became Duke and Duchess of Windsor, married but never had children.

Style Icon Wallis Simspon: Channel One of History's Most Thoroughly Modern Women

1931 - Wallis Simpson as she was presented to the British royal court, in a feather headdress. She was married to her second husband Ernest Aldrich Simpson at the time.

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor - effortless style. Alas, I shall never be that rich or thin.

The Duchess of Windsor's Fashion Moments

The Duke & Duchess of Windsor 1941 Edward Windsor & Wallis Simpson. He abdicated the English throne to marry her.

Wallis Warfield Simpson married the Duke of Windsor

As the Duchess of Windsor's fabulous outfits go under the hammer, we reveal the secrets of Wallis's wardrobe

The Duchess with a brown alligator handbag, circa with gilt ring swivel clasp

16 icônes et leurs joailliers: la Duchesse de Windsor & Cartier http://www.vogue.fr/joaillerie/a-voir/diaporama/16-icones-et-leurs-joailliers-stars-hollywoodiennes-bijoux-grace-kelly-cartier-elizabeth-taylor-bulgari-duchesse-de-windsor-cartier-marlene-dietrich-mauboussin-audrey-hepburn-tiffany/14800/image/810787#!16-icones-et-leurs-joailliers-stars-hollywoodiennes-bijoux-duchesse-de-windsor-cartier

16 icônes et leurs joailliers

Wallis Warfield did not start out as the Duchess, but she did start out in Baltimore. A Cartier necklace and below: the Duchess of Windsor wearing her Cartier necklace.

Wallis Simpson's wedding gown when she wed King Edward who abdicated the throne of England for her. She became the Duchess of Windsor but was denied the HRH status

Something borrowed- Something blue-wallis blue the Many Lives of a wedding suit MAINBOCHER for Wallis Simpson .

Wallis Simpson and the ex-King Edward.

Robbed, abused, sedated, alone... the desperate last days of the Duchess of Windsor

Net Photo: King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson: Image ID: . Pic of Duchess of Windsor - Latest Duchess of Windsor Image.

Mainbocher, Wedding Dress and Jacket - 1937 - Made for Wallis Simpson - A defect in the stability of the dye has caused the dress to lose its 'Wallis Blue' - The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Mainbocher wedding dress & jacket, Mainbocher (American, Made for Wallis Simpson; a defect in the stability of the dye has caused the dress to lose its 'Wallis Blue' MMA

Wallis Simpson presented at court in 1931 with Ernest Simpson

The Windsor Knot: Anne Sebba Debuts Book on Wallis Simpson

Picture from when Wallis Simpson presented at court in 1931 with her husband, Ernest Simpson. (She looks REALLy pleased!