Easy Watercolor Portrait Tutorial - you could also do pictures of lots of other things, flowers, etc.

1 Easy Watercolor Easy Watercolor Portrait: tutorial for making an easy watercolor portrait using a simple tracing technique (via Grow Neck Neck Candy: Yes people! I finally have a new DIY for you!

How to Paint a Realistic Eye with Watercolors                                                                                                                                                     More

How to Paint a Realistic Eye with Watercolors

Portrait Step by Step on Watercolor | ARTchat - Porcelain Art Plus (formerly Chatty Teachers & Artists)

Both Tami and Mariela Villasmil-Rodriguez are two top notch portrait painters which have really inspired me to start painting one again.

How To Paint Skin Tones - YouTube

Art Food Kitty is a channel devoted to art, food, and kitties! Watch painter Kelly Eddington create realistic watercolor paintings and make recipes. The art .