Great video. How do you think the wealth in America is distributed? How do you think it should be? See the reality.

9 out of 10 Americans are completely wrong about this mind-blowing fact.

Bernie's Perfect Example Of Unfair Wealth Distribution In America – The Walton Family

Sanders is Right - The Walton Family and Walmart Are Costing Taxpayers A Lot Of Money

Indeed. For a discussion on why we need this, and how much the wage inequality issue damages the very principles of democracy, please also view, for instance, Wealth Inequality in America: Infographics on the distribution of wealth in America:

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Well due to people having great ideas they are allowed to show those ideas to the world and make money. If there was a maximum wage then I would have to share my wealth with those people who do not want to work for their money.

Interlocking directorates -- defined as the linkages among corporations created by individuals who sit on two or more corporate boards -- ha...

'Who Rules America?' by Bill Domhoff, the book upon which this website is based, presents detailed original information on how power and politics operate in the United States.

The Mindblowing Truth About Wealth Distribution In America [Video]

Do you think you have a relatively realistic grasp on how wealth is distributed in America? This eye-opening video is sure to depress and maybe even anger you.

We pay more for everything. Time to look out for America first, damn it!!

June we are forced to CLOSE plants, why all the other OPEN coal-fired plants. So, basically--it's just a tax on the US. (And Obama thought it was a GOOD thing.) Liberalism IS a Mental Disorder.

Wealth distribution in America.... the actual distribution is much more inequitable than we think!

Wealth distribution in America.... the actual distribution is much more inequitable than we think!

This graphic is based on research by The Levy Institute, which uses data from the Federal Reserve Board's Survey of Consumer Finances. Those...

A Fugly Truth Made Pretty: A Cartoonist's Depiction Of Wealth Inequality

US Wealth Distribution

Do you live in a wealthy zip code? Wealth can come in many forms; I share some of the ways wealth is different in America.