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Wedding Decorations: 10 Most Beautiful Staircases

wedding staircase decoration with rose floral garland - thinking this is a very cute idea if you have the money to spend on plenty of flowers!

Wedding Decorations for Staircases | STAIRCASE DECORATION FOR FESTIVAL | Interior design ideas

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Staircase floral installation by Habitat Floral Studio Photography by Orange Photographie Poetic Wedding Inspiration in Montana — Cottage Hill

Flower Design Events: Staircase Garland for a Wedding at The Inn at Whitewell

Flower Design Events: Part The Final Chapter "The Wedding Reception" at Chris & Yvette's Epic Wedding at The Inn at Whitewell

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1940s Wedding in Pittsburgh

There is a staircase as a focal point inside- would be nice to use to incorporate flowers!

For the staircase leading down to Black Swan :-)

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