Zoro the Welsh Terrier - British Country Clothing offer a range of quality…

Welsh Terrier from Daily Puppy. I have never met a Welsh Terrier and wonder what their temperament is like? This little guy is so super cute!

Atticus, Welsh Terrier, 2 months

This looks exactly what our Welsh Terrier looked like at 2 months - their colors change a lot as they get older.

Airedale Terrier...                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Here's the dog I want when I'm older and have enough time to take care of it: an Airedale Terrier. I will put a bear suit on it. My favorite dog ever.

Welsh Terrier Puppy- How I miss my Opie... WANT another one!!!!

Welsh Terrier Puppy- I wish we would of had Ruby when she was a puppy!

Howdy neighbor... is that burgers I smell on that grill?

is that burgers I smell on that grill? My dogs love to spy on the neighbors. It's actually embarrassing how they shamelessly line up along the chainlink fence to stare at the neighbors whenever they are in the backyard.