western washington university - I spent a lot of time on the top floor of this building.

When visiting Bellingham, my daily run is uphill through the woods to and around Western Washington University overlooking Bellingham Bay

Western Washington University with Bellingham Bay in the background.

Members - Western Washington University - Official site of the Great Northwest Athletic Conference

Western Washington University

Sunset over the Academic Instructional Center and Bruce Nauman's Stadium Piece sculpture. Photo by Jon Bergman / WWU Communications and Marketing intern

Bellingham | Bellingham


I earned my Bachelor's degree at Western Washington University in beautiful Bellingham, WA

Vikings, Western Washington University (Bellingham, Washington) Div II, Great Northwest Athletic Conference #Vikings #Bellingham #NCAA (L8344)

From the Archives: 'Athletics department introduces new group of marks during the summer'

Old Main, Western Washington University in winter.

Old Main, Western Washington University in winter.

How I figured Out What To Do With My Life

How I figured Out What To Do With My Life

Pinning this just because a bed full of books and a world map. looks like my room of the time

Best Coastal College Towns: Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington. So what if your 20s are more than a few years behind you? Enjoy these A+ combinations of stimulating campus offerings and spectacular scenery. Coastalliving.com

Top Coastal College Towns

Long wooden trestle tables, decoratively carved, stand in ordered rows beneath a very tall, very ornate coffered ceiling. Soft light streams through immense arched windows. Welcome to the Wilson Library Reading Room, less formally known as the Harry Potte

Western Washington University, Fairhaven Complex have to repin just cause this is in my residence hall

Inspiration from 10 Super-Stylish Real Dorm Rooms — F*** Yeah Cool Dorm Rooms