Beautiful and Terrible:  The Bridge Creek F5 Tornado of May 3, 1999 lasted for 3 days.  At 318 mph, this tornado was the most powerful windstorm ever recorded on the planet.

The 1999 Bridge Creek Tornado: On May a tornado outbreak lasting for 3 days, began with a bang, when an formed at about PM local time. This tornado was the most powerful windstorm ever recorded on Earth,

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Oh man, I love working in retail. Yes, some customers are EXACTLY like this!

I'm not a big fan of the Sciencetale backstory thing, but I NEED THIS BECAUSE OF REASONS

Oh my gosh I don't know wether to say yes or no XD

Tropical Storm Debby created havoc in Florida, June 2012. Beside wind and flooding, many sink holes appeared.

Tropical Storm Debby created havoc in Florida, June Beside wind and flooding, many sink holes appeared.

Because first of all it was founded by Margret Sanger to make blacks extinct. Secondly, no lives matter to them! They're abortionists!

More minorities (Latinos included) are aborted than White Americans and yet those who support abortion claim to support minorities.

Harry Potter Walking Tour: If you're a potterhead like me but also a "poor" university student you'll love this walking tour. Travelling on a low budget means that I head to decide wether I wante to spent a lot of money on a studio tour or if I wanted to see more things. In my opinion this walking  tour is a good alternative because you get to see a lot of places that are shown in the Harry Potter movies.

Explore Harry Potter’s London on this tour of the film locations and inspirations behind the beloved books and movies. Travel on the London Underground as you experience the magical side of the city.

30' snow is regular on Honshu island, Japan.

tateyama kurobe alpine route snow corridor 20 meters 65 ft walls 5 The 65 Foot Snow Corridor in Japan

One of the most spectacular images ever captured of a tropical cyclone from space: Category 5 Super Typhoon Maysak as seen from the International Space Station at approximately 6 pm EDT Tuesday March 31, 2015 (just after dawn local time.) At the time, Mayask had top winds of 160 mph as estimated by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center, and a central pressure of 905 mb, as estimated by the Japan Meteorological Agency.

Astronaut Scott Kelly publishes photos of ‪‎HurricanePatricia‬ as seen from the international space station (ISS).

This past October was the seventh warmest on record globally, continuing a streak of 344 months of above average temperatures.

Globe’s Unbroken Warm Streak Approaches 29 Years - The globe’s unbroken hot streak is inching closer to 29 years, with new data showing that October was the consecutive month with global average surface temperatures above the century average.