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so i spoke these out loud in a texan accent as i read them

Wtf does this even mean? But ...  Lol its still fucking hilarious

I'm just gonna leave this here. >>> it's like the 'i lik my son' meme

What does "dank" mean?

What does "dank" mean?

This is both scary and hilarious

when you're cleaning ur room and find spare change

When life gives you a lemon...

I have no idea what on earth this means but I love that people have pinned this and it has absolutely no explanation

pepe the frog spaghetti - Google Search

Because everybody has snuck spaghetti into the movie theatre at one point in their life

Why...Field, JonTron, tongue, what. I don't know what this means, but I love it. XD

Yes, I too feel jontron in a field when I bite my tongue

I wonder what the 'N' means.......*shifts it to 'N'* IT DID NOTHING!!! *2 hours…

Hello, Life is basically "automatic" where input is limited. Even a persons destiny can be out of their control.

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