And no man, has ever realized what he had until I was gone. The selfish ways and how they all took advantage of me will never happen again. I am strong, I am smart, I am beautiful and I am good enough.

My sweetheart sent me this! This is exactly how I want him to see me! He tells me everyday he is the luckiest man alive. I feel the same, so grateful and blessed to have this man in my life!

So I know the title of this post says, “What men want most in a wife,” but to be more realistic, this is about what men need most in a wife. Like men, there are a lot of things that we (women) would

5 Things men want most in a wife

What men want most in a wife So I know the title of this post says, things men want most in a wife,” but to be more realistic, this is about what men need .

Yes! Talk all you want, but actions speak loudest! Real men go after what they want, no matter what the circumstances.

I'm a passionate romantic who loves all things sensual. This means that now and then, not everything.

Reminds me of what my best friend told my husband..."be careful, I've known her a long time. She wont fight, she will just leave without a word if you push her away" I think she might just know me better than anyone ever.

A strong woman will automatically stop trying if she feels unwanted. She won't fix it or beg. She'll just walk away.

Asking my husband what his fantasies are ,telling him how attracted you are to him and how you want to kiss him. wish baby doll, we were reading your texts laughing our asses off

Successful-Life Quotes Me-no competition anymore you win hands down not fighting anymore I am going to act like the queen and back off

Does iT exist? This is All i ever wanted, instead i gave iT my All To Sociopath liar and cheater John van de vin... who is now fckn Some random Dumb and ugly Facebook and tinder whore like the attention seeking oldman whore from powerslim...

I feel that love relationships and friend relationships are the same thing but different parts. The same feeling of wanting closeness with a person. I don't want a "relationship" with drama I just want a special friend to be with and to love.