excellent explanation of the difference between GB, UK and England

Great Britain is the official name given to the two kingdoms of England and Scotland, and the principality of Wales. The United Kingdom (UK) includes these areas as well as Northern Ireland. Britain refers to only England and Wales, though some will sho

So if Westeros is supposedly set out like Britain, then I'm living in Stormlands! Cool!

Wine Regions in Game of Thrones

Map of Territories in Game of Thrones.just started watching the first season and i'm hooked! Winter is Coming. Oh you poor thing, you know nothing of hooked until you start in on the books.


My favorite is Sweden with the cats they really look like they are dancing too < Germany and Ireland though.

The only place to go where an eggplant can be turned into a war between countries.

Funny pictures about A picture of an eggplant. Oh, and cool pics about A picture of an eggplant. Also, A picture of an eggplant.

It's called English for a reason...  ...it's our way, or no way! <----- *Britain.... England isn't the only place in the UK!

Oh tumblr, you so funny

Humans are Weird: Never out Fought

Humans are Weird: Never out Fought <<-- I just thought they were gonna crash into the mithership. but nope. I guess that saves some vessels and lives though

Top 10 walks on Skye

Top 10 walks on Skye

The 'cloudy island,' aka Isle of Skye-Scotland. Where part of my husband's family originated from. One of the most beautiful places on earth! The misty isle the top tourist place to visit in the world 2014

I hate it when Americans try to impersonate British people and they're like "Oh darling, pass me the teapot old boy, oh good job old bean! I say, where are the scones?" and I'm like "we're not all like that."

Britain versus America: Origins

Lovely interpretation of the Boston Tea Party XD Daddy England is not very nice to his son America, so in order to get his attention he throws away all the tea (from "Scandinavia and the World" webcomic ♥). but this also reminds me of Hetalia.

Hetalia America and England. "The place where I met you is also the place where I left you" - NOOOO I NEVER NOTICED TT.TT *sobbing*

Which path will Alfred choose? (Revolutionary War) Usuk~

*dying inside* NOOOOO *in sulking corner baling eyes out* America and England

glorious-britain:The Shambles Street, York This street is from the medieval times, a narrow, low street filled with unsual little shops, is one of the main tourist destinations in york, it is the best...

Britain: The Shambles Street, York -- preserved from medieval times! little shops, is one of the main tourist destinations in York. it is one of the best preserved medieval streets in the world

Not exactly Hetalia but it's accurate and close enough anyways

America is not a country. United States is the name you're looking for. America is a fucking continent. I live in America too, and I'm brazilian. Stop saying it is a country.

Tumblr- the most British picture ever- doctor who, flag, queen, corgi, monocle, mustache, and is that Winston Churchill??!

An arrow to the knee post of Britan as part of the suddenly hetalia collection by Kayleigh Clark ------ The guy with the corgi is Stephen Fry!