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Full Name: Alyssa Enrile Ranger Designation: White Tiger Wild Force Ranger Weapons: Crystal Saber, White Tiger Baton, Deer Clutcher

Izzy Bizu - White Tiger (Chords)

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We featured Izzy Bizu a few months ago when she featured on Honne's über cool single 'Someone That Loves You' however now she is ready to blow your collective minds with her very own single 'White Tiger'.

Social Artworking: White Tiger | The Rocky theme song might play on repeat in your head while you paint the "eye of the tiger". The graphic black and white pattern with those piercing blue eyes will give a pop of the unexpected in your decor. This piece would also be ideal for a teen's bedroom. #socialartworking

The most beautiful things I had always believed come from nature. A deadly, powerful beauty such as this white tiger, or an innocent, delicate beauty such as a hummingbird.

~The Tiger Inside~ I was born in the year of the tiger. Sometimes I growl. Stock used with thanks by by by by by The Tiger Inside