Mozilla Factory is a minimalist interior located in Japan, designed by Nosigner. Nosigner designed Mozilla Japan’s new office, Mozilla Facto.

Ditch The Whiteboard And Use Something That Looks Good Too!

framed glass that is painted on the back - as a prettier alternative to a white board in the kitchen. good for leaving notes or making grocery lists! Will make this or a chalkboard for the kitchen.

so much better than a white board and it never etches so it always looks new. Heavy and expensive but worth it! Made by Clarus Glassboards

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LEO headquarters in Shanghai whiteboard wall

Modern Office Ignores Stereotypes In Favor Of An Original Design

Ready for Monday!  #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers #teacherlife #iteach5th #miss5thswhiteboard

Sweet and fun starter activity for speaking lessons to get the students warmed up and speaking with their peers

Classroom DIY: Whiteboard Tables

Classroom DIY: Whiteboard Tables - If you like your students being able to work collaboratively OR if you are short whiteboard space - this is for you! This would also be great for the homeschool room that needs an extra whiteboard surfa