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Hermes is also clever when he gave a mirror shild to Perseus so that he could kill medusa on his quest throughout Greece.

today i learned something new about medusa

It's a lot of reading but worth it//Today I learned something new about Medusa // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Extreme Japanese Bondage, Amazing Art, Snakes, Death In Technicolor and Morbid History are some of the reasons why Dirty Scarab is CVLT Nation’s favorite tumblr this week. I get lost

This is a snake heart! Reminds me of Naruto's Kyuubi/Kurama heart! (Which is shown on one of the shippuden episodes)

Common misconception this is not medusa but an Empousae which was the jailer of the cyclops during the Olympian vs the titans war.

Context: The first Halfmer creatures were Dragons, the second ones were half snakes. I'm very inspired by greek myths and creatures. The story of Medusa is awfully beautiful

Which Mythological Greek Villain Are You?>> AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH why does she look pretty?

Which Mythological Greek Villain Are You?

Medusa - Gorgon is one of the oldest and most popular ancient myths. Medusa in Greek mythology is referenced as one of the three Gorgons.

Medusa- Queen of the Gorgons, Ancient and primordial goddess, Beautiful and terrifying to behold, Avenger and wards off all those who would trespass, she whose gaze petrifies the hearts of those who hold ill deeds and fear

lulubonanza: “ Medusa by Aly Fell ” [ A gorgeous full length image of a pale skinned medusa, done in an swirly art Nouveau style heavily reminiscent of Alphonse Mucha.

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Tattoo of Medusa, who has become a popular icon for artwork, tattoos and costumes in the modern day. This type of depiction is typically used to represent feminine power.

My 2 thoughts when I see statues: "this is amazing!" and "is that statue following me?"

Fun fact: when marble is touched by someone's hard it leaves a bit of an oil deposit on the marble, and if enough people touch it, it gets a yellowish tint to it.

I Dig This For A Couple Of Reasons

I Dig This For A Couple Of Reasons

Funny pictures about I Dig This For A Couple Of Reasons. Oh, and cool pics about I Dig This For A Couple Of Reasons. Also, I Dig This For A Couple Of Reasons photos.

...A mirror showing you the past may be the weapon to trigger who she is to become...

Beautiful Digital Illustrations by Lilia Osipova- So sad. Medusa is my favorite Greek Myth

I love this picture sooooo much

I love this picture sooooo much<<<I know this isn't relevant but Poseidon is her uncle not her brother so.<<<< still cool :) greek mythology, athena, medusa

This is a fantastic cast bronze Medusa door knocker that I ran across somewhere.  Probably Flickr.  I'd love to be able to reproduce this in limited quantities.

♅ Detailed Doors to Drool Over ♅ art photographs of door knockers, hardware & portals - Justina Persnickety

Septum, Medusa & Lip. I love the jewelry, opal is awesome

septum clicker, philtrum piercing, and vertical labret piercing. I adore the matching jewelry, the dark blue anodized titanium paired with the light blue opal is divine.