FIRE - BTS I'm actually learning the dance for this song. This literally anyone who knows me.

xDD -ctto

lol how many of you guys hear kpop songs in public?

Miranda Sings - this girl Colleen (who is actually a singer/comedian) has so much awkward that she created an alter ego for it. And I love her.

Miranda Sings - Colleen Ballinger (who is actually a singer/comedian) She is hilarious!

Girly girl who loves all things pink but who's battling an abusive past and self harm as a teenager when her brother comes to visit

Photos: Dove Cameron Performed At Walt Disney Concert Hall With Kristin Chenoweth November 5, 2015

Dove Cameron Cute n ever so pretty As always I love her outfit, Also I like her delicate and sweet bosom.

TOOOOOOOOOOOOOM<<<And...she's down, yep, give her ran hour or two

I dont really fangirl about Tom Hiddleston, but it was too funny to pass up! You don't fangirl about Tom Hiddleston?

Perchu the Moreos guy >> Ok but reall talk my bestie shoved a cactus up her but once soooo<<WHAT THE FUCKWHY I DONT EVEN KNOW WTFFFFF

Perchu the Moreos guy >> Ok but reall talk my bestie shoved a cactus up her but once soooo>>> i ned context why what hiw

That cow is Gabriella. She was also in the opening ceremonies for the London olympics. She accomplished more in a year than I ever will....

Random cow in Les Mis. I'm betting it was Aaron's idea.<<Actually, if you watch the extra stuff on the DVD, it shows Aaron talking about how he's amazed that someone managed to sneak a cow onto the set

Tick tock goes the clock... or River's lullaby. Creepy and sad, altogether... <<< Yes.

The full nursery rhyme that has appeared thruought series 6 of doctor who. Sorry its so long :/ Here are the full lyrics: Tick tock goes the clock And what now shall we play? Tick tock goes the clo.

I should make this picture on a big fucking poster board and sit it in my front yard for my nosey ass neighbors!!!

Twinkle twinkle little snitch…

Funny pictures about Twinkle twinkle little snitch. Oh, and cool pics about Twinkle twinkle little snitch. Also, Twinkle twinkle little snitch.