‼️DIY ALERT‼️   How I tint my eyebrows at home!  1️⃣ Pick up a box of Men's Beard Dye in whatever shade that matches your desired color  2️⃣ Mix up a small portion of the color using equal parts of the tubes (you do NOT need much) and then store the leftovers safely  3️⃣ Apply @vaselinebrand around brows to keep the dye from getting on the surrounding area when applying (I could only find my rosy lips one so that's why it's kind of red ) 4️⃣ Use an angled brow brush ( I used the @morphe...

This woman transforms her eyebrows with men’s hair dye and whoa

How I tint my eyebrows at home! Pick up a box of Men's Beard Dye in whatever shade that matches your desired color Mix up a small portion of the color using equal parts of th (Mix Women Skin)

The look I'd like to have...accept I can't grow that hair...and probably won't get my arms tatted...and I wear glasses. Whatever, it's close enough!

Model: Levi Stocke Client: Beardbrand / Urban Beardsman Magazine Photo/©: Travis Haight Photography LA, CA Levi 2

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I like how your passion manifests unpredictably and uncontrollably, how your feelings cannot be caged or concealed, how you’re incapable of apathy.

I Like Your Flaws

Everything that's REAL has flaws, appreciating imperfections and quirks and uniqueness is why we are drawn to love real things! Love YOUR flaws and the flaws in others -- message from the universe today.

Photography by Robin Bharaj

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He looks so much like my fiance down to the grey eyes! Except my guy has a very square jaw. Love my guys jawline!

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Jarlath (minus the scales and white eye) but like he's got the red stick-uppy hair and brown eyes and looks sarcastic as shit

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the beard is ginger-ish........

dynastylnoire: “I SAY GAWT DAMN Is he even real? Can he come through or nah? Questions that need answers at a 11 ”