factory windows, master bath.

Factory Window Shower Enclosure from Peppermint Bliss, Remodelista. **reminds me a off a phone booth, love it!

Factory windows as shower enclosures @ Home Renovation Ideas

27 Clever And Unconventional Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Another bath inside whower idea: factory window shower - the BEST idea! Imagine this done huge-Japanese-bathroom style with an old claw-foot tub in an oversized shower, so you could have overflowy baths in a shower the size of a small room.

This shower uses an old factory window for the partition. Wonder how hard that would be to find/DIY?  Would love to do this...how fun.

Wood Paneled Baths, 6 Favorites

heirloom philosophy: Window Treatments Not Included: Steel Windows and Doors steel window shower door.

DIY Industrial Factory Window Shower Door (for Under $60) | Bless'er House - Whaaaat?!  This is my favorite bathroom project ever!

DIY Industrial Factory Window Shower Door

Factory windows add a vintage industrial note to the bath; great for apartments in old buildings

Wood Paneled Baths, 6 Favorites

Factory windows add a vintage industrial note to the bath -- coolest shower ever. If I could have a separate shower/tub downstairs in the en suite, that is awesome. But isn't this the most awesome upcycled window idea?

Industrial windows as shower enclosure, from Home Bunch via Take the Side Street

Love the look of this bathroom: rustic wood sink area, and the industrial warehouse window shower enclosure. The old-fashioned tile in the shower is really a great look, too.

I've been dreaming of an industrial shower door but hated how expensive they were. This cost just $60 and looks amazing!

DIY Industrial Factory Window Shower Door

Steel Shower Enclosure by Janus Custom Steel, Remodelista

10 Glamorous Baths: Metal Factory Window Edition

"Factory' window gates - my all time favourite

As a relentless Art-Deco and Moderne architecture fan-atic, A-Gent of Style has always loved the simple, geometric, sleek, masculine and ultimately chic look of steel windows and doors in architect.

factory-metal-windows-garden-estudio-vitorpenha-gardenista. Two-story factory windows and French doors bring sunlight into a kitchen by Brazil-based Estudio Vitor Penha. WOW!!!

Exterior Finishes: 11 Facades with Factory Windows

This design is crazy, I love all the natural light, and the wall of windows that appears to lead to a greenhouse. The stairs being right above the kitchen is very cool, that's something I have seen very few times.