Learn how to talk about wine | Wine education

12 terms you should master to sound smarter about wine

Wine Phonetics Infographic: Say It Don't Spray It

Wine Phonetics: Say It Don't Spray It That's how do it For more, visit Ice Cube

How to be a master at Sommelier! #knowledge #wine #infographic

What it Means to be a Master Sommelier: A Conversation with Devon Broglie

The hardest exam in the world to become a a trained and knowledgeable wine professional?

Parts of a grape vine, training and pruning methods #Wine #Wineducation

Illustrated Grape Vine Training Methods

This is illustrates the parts of a grape vine, training and pruning methods. Students will use this guide to identify parts of the grape plants and properly prune and train vines

Meet the Big Eight - The Juice | Club W

Meet the Big Eight

Clear Lake Wine Tasting: Wine Infographic: Argentina Wine Cheat Sheet

Next in the wine cheat sheet series: Argentina! See the full collection of wine cheat sheets here . To see the Cheat Sheet in full.